5 things every home buyer wants

While different generations and different categories of people might have different needs about equipment and technical features in their home there are few things that every buyer and tenants want to have in his apartment and that is valued in the same way no matter the budget or the wanted size of the property.

1.       Small prices – World economic crisis have influenced that even the wealthiest one calculate with the prices when looking for their new properties and more than ever before buyers are very careful with the prices taking into consideration how the purchase may influence their financial situations in the year that are coming. That is why good price are one of the top priorities of today’s buyers especially if they buy properties with a mortgage.

2.       Modest buildings – The real estate recession might be a reason buyers today look for smaller homes that are enough to satisfy their basic needs for privacy for every member of family. However smaller homes usually don’t mean small number of rooms, why real estate agents find today buyers more demanding than ever before.

3.       Big comfort – Less space does not mean less comfort, too. No matter how big new home is,  need to have walk in closet in a master bedroom, spacious living room, insulated front door, laundry, enough light all around home, but also energy-efficient heating and lightning to cut the monthly community costs.

4.       Well organized space – Well used and even better organized space is a must too, and it seems we cannot expect anything different if have to place so much of different things in less than 100 m2. Careful and wise planning of a space is very important for every building that is waiting for new buyer, no matter it is a new building that is expecting its first buyer or this is a property that’s been on a sale for a couple of times.

5.       Energy efficient heating – All of these who plan to make investment in buying new living place have the interest to cut the other hidden costs, especially when it comes to heating and electricity bills that are coming every month. If we have in mind how high these bills can be it is not surprising why more buyers are quitting of these properties that doesn’t have installed smarter energy systems that save the energy as well as their money.


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