Renting an apartment is a serious decision and it and more of 2/3 of first time renters are making at least one of following mistakes. Some of these mistakes are repeated them even with more experienced renters.  Read carefully following to save yourself unwanted costs and unnecessary troubles.

  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew –   Tenants without experience usually want to have everything in their rented apartments without knowing that a last price is influenced by every single convinience apartment is able to offer to us. Yes good location and public transportation nearby will add value to the property in the same way as it will do it extra parking place, tremendous view from a balcony or romantic fire-place. Be aware of this fact and think twice about the conveniences that you really need, to focus while looking for new apartment.
  2. Not calculating real costs of living in renting apartment – Most of first time renters are surprised with the amount they pay at the end of the month as forgetting about all utility costs that are not included in monthly rent. So try to get all the information about these costs when coming to see the apartment for the first time, in order to know real costs of living in the apartment that you like.
  3. Not seeing carefully apartment and the environment you plan to move in – Apart the troubles with cost and money big surprises are often noisy neighborhoods, unpleasant smells and dark streets without lights. Be inquisitive and try to speak with some of the neighborhoods about problems they might have in this area in order to cut these risks on minimum.
  4. Making bad lease agreement – Bad lease agreement is even worse than no agreement so try to include all the things that may be important for you as a tenant to protect your tenants’ rights and freedom.
  5. Forgetting about all small things that makes rented apartment your own home – At the end when first viewing your apartment try to find out what are the things that will stay even when you move in as sometime much of small things such as bathroom curtains, kitchen dishes, lamps and some of the electrons are not included so you may count on them, but at the end you will have to get your own.