Urban and fast-growing Belgrade is becoming one of the most attractive cities to live among all Europeans. Foreigners that come here particularly like its spirit and culture, and the one that are born in Belgrade simply cannot live without his streets, parks, coasts and strange combination of disorder and relaxing atmosphere. What are 5 top places to live in Belgrade?

And although every of 17 municipalities are special about something and have a lot of interesting to offer to their inhabitants, on the list of the top places for living in Belgrade the most of the people single out next five.

Stari grad – Everyone like to be in the center of happening. Sometimes it can be a devastating if having in mind big crowds and every day chaos in traffic. However, Stari grad has all of that but it is not irritating at all. Stari grad is your perfect combination of old and modern in one place, for the ones that enjoy in the old down town atmosphere but equally addicted to modern living habits. In your  neighborhood you can enjoy in medieval Kalemegdan, bohemian quart Skadarlija, as well as the best stores with the world’s famous brands and top restaurants, cafes and night clubs.

Novi Beograd is new, modern and urbanized part of the city that lies between Sava and Danube rivers surrounded with one of the most beautiful promenades for all of you that enjoy long walks or romantic moments on a bench next to the water. New Belgrade is fast growing part of a city, divided into blocks consisting mainly from high buildings, that has everything you need for calm family life, with wide choice of after job activates, as well as for the exciting Saturday evening out. Except for the biggest shopping malls, this part of Belgrade is very famous about many nightclubs housed on both rivers that still guarantee the best parties in a region.

Vračar is the second from three central Belgrade municipalizes is famous about narrow crossed streets and one of the biggest and the most beautiful temple at the Balkans – Saint Sava Temple. Here is located one of the most famous markets in Belgrade, Kalenić market, as well as, Flower square with plenty of beautiful buildings and old small houses.

Senjak and Dedinje are famous about its villas and luxury houses. Located on a few kilometers out of city center they became particularly popular among higher class and considered to be the wealthiest neighborhoods in Belgrade. For all of you that like to enjoy in peace, surrounded with greens these are perfect quarts to look a new property.