How to negotiate the best property deal for your real estate?

No matter if you are selling or renting your apartment, all of us who poses some of the properties want to get the best price out of their sale. Sometimes our expectations are not so real and even out of the prices offered at current property market that even advises of experienced real estate agents cannot break down our wanted price.  However, after a long waiting of someone who is ready to pay the price that we want, can make us to sell real estate even below their market value.

That is why it is important to know some of the gold rules for negotiation the best real estate deal when selling or renting the apartment.

1.       Negotiation start before the sale is announced – Your negotiations for real estate price are starting far more before you contact the real estate agency or you have met with the buyer. One of the most important things are to find out yourself what are the least and the biggest amount you would be satisfied with, so you can have your own negotiation range, before the negotiation have started.  However, try to stay realistic and put out yourself of the seller’s place to a place of someone who is paying your property.

2.       Always ask more money than you think you can get. – When forming a price you should be honest toward yourself is buying or renting your property. Always ask more than you think you might get, but try to stay in a range of the other prices at the market or the recommended price from the side of the agent, as this can alienate the potential buyers.

3.      Never expose the lowest price you are ready to accept for the apartment – In order to get the best price for your property, you shouldn’t expose what is the lowest price that you would accept at the end. This price is dangerous zone as it gives a sign to a buyer that you will accept the overturn of the biggest asked amount.

4.       The longer the negotiation lasts your chances for success are bigger –  If you start the highest price than you will have to set it down. However, when doing it, let it be gradually and very carefully, as the longer the negotiation would last, your chances for success will be better. Reviewing the offer is real psychological war for both sides where the winner is the one that is more brave and more ready.

5.        Always remind buyer on positive sides of your real estate – During this long psychological war at the negotiation board, with every new offer, try to look back at all positive things your property offers, as they might be good reason the opposite side would accept the bigger price.  This is one of the ways to remind your buyer that your real estate is more valued than he is ready to pay.




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