Renting an apartment to foreign diplomats is convenient for every real estate agency as guaranteeing long term agreement with a serious tenant and provides good references for property services for all other potential tenants that look for serious and professional help with renting their new property.

When renting apartment to a foreign diplomats you can either rent a property directly to diplomat representative, consul  and other personal from  different international organizations or to an embassy and diplomatic mission and the foreign government.

Often very good for business renting apartment to foreign diplomats is more demanding than renting properties to a business people and other VIP person. Property should be on a very good place with safety gate and able to answer all security standards.

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In the most of the cases foreign diplomats are looking for the properties that are special and different in comparison with those offered at the market. They look for the property special by its architecture or history and at the same time highly functional and equipped by the latest standards.

With no exception foreign diplomats are looking fully furnished apartments, often with dishes, bed-clothes and small electronic devices. The most of them are paid and allowed to move all of these stuff from their own residence but  they would definitely like more if there is no need for it and that they have all of these already in their new apartment.

If you are ready to give your best to obtain them all needed and fulfill all their requests, they won’t think nor regret to pay good to highly professional agency that will provide for them the best living and working conditions and the final commission with this clients is not less than the amount they will pay for two monthly rents of chosen apartment.