Although this period is not so good time for renting apartments in Belgrade and even wider, Mentor Real Estate Agency Belgrade comes with three extra affordable apartments ten minutes away from city center.  All apartments are equally suitable for young couples, small families and business person as situated at one of the top locations all around Belgrade and fully furnished and prices couldn’t be better. And they are real.

Vračar 60sqm apartment for rent with terrace

Have you ever dream to live in a neighborhood of St Sava’s temple, just ten minutes of walk to city center but this was to big attack for your budget. It doesn’t have to be the case any more. We come with outstanding offer. Rent one room apartment in Vračar with terrace and garage for just 600 euros per month. Apartment is fully equippedwith modern furniture and central heating, air conditioner and satellite, cable Internet system.

Two rooms apartment with garage in center of Belgrade

If you need more space for living than you will definitely be interested to take a look at two room apartment in the heart of Belgrade for 700 euros of monthly fee. Apartment is in Strai Grad in Višnjićeva street just five minutes away of pedestrian zone in center of Belgrade. Apartment is rented fully furnished and together with garage place. It has two bedrooms, toilet and bathroom as well as central heating, air conditioner Internet, cable and satellite TV system.

Modern 60sqm apartment for rent in Voždovac

If you are searching for nice and warm apartment for your family we bring you third option of an apartment in Voždovac in calm neighborhood near Banjica forest. This two bedroom apartment with all furniture and parking place can be yours for 500 euros per month. The price includes central heating and air conditioner, as well assatellite and cable system with Internet.