Rent out apartment in 10 simple steps

In order to make easier the renting process that sometimes can really make a trouble of your life we suggest to plan all the steps using our short manual that Mentorent real estate agency has prepared to you.

There are at least 10 steps you need to make to rent out your apartment quickly and successfully.

1.       Gather ownership documentation – If you haven’t done so far, now is the right time to gather all ownership documentation as this you will need to prove that you have legal right to rent out the property

2.       Choose experienced real estate agency – You can always look the tenants on your one using the advantages of Internet and modern technology, however to prevent yourself from unwanted problems.

3.       Sign a contract with the agency – With good real estate agency everything is easier. The experienced will give you real rental price quote, all legal advises, will make lease agreement and even help you to choose serious tenant. In order to get all mentioned help out of your agency sign contract with real estate agency.

4.       Prepare the apartment for renting – Before renting an apartment it is important to clean it and move all unnecessary things. If you expect your tenants leave the apartment in good conditions it is recommended even to paint the apartment and fix all the devices that are out of the order.

5.       Meet all the potential renters when first visiting apartment – In order to choose the best tenant for your apartment we suggest to leave enough time to show your apartment personally to every tenant that show the interest for your apartment.

6.       Don’t overestimate the property and be flexible with a price – If you want to rent out apartment do not overestimate it and above all try to be flexible with a price especially if you meet a tenant that will take care about your apartment as it was his own. Sometimes not so serious tenant can cost us more than he is ready to pay for a monthly rent.

7.       Check carefully lease agreement – Read carefully the agreement that you will sign with your tenant and pay attention particularly to the rules of early termination and who is the one who will pay the costs of it.

8.       Make an inventory list – Inventory list will take you some time, however, after you make it you will know what are things that tenants will take responsibility for, so he would compensate any damage on it.

9.       Take all unnecessary things out of the apartment – If some of these things new tenant will not need, it is better to move out from the apartment by you. Leaving these things may lead to coziness and may irritate your new tenants so eventually they will trough them away.

10.   Before signing agreement check the tenant’s documents – At the end don’t forget to check the tenant documents to be sure who you have business with and to have their personal information if that something go wrong.

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