3 top luxury houses in Real Estate Agency

Real Estate Agency is the best known about its rich offer of the best luxury properties on a territory of Belgrade. Top luxury houses from Real Estate offer are today new buildings for many embassies and residencies of the most important people in Serbia.

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We still keep looking for the best properties and this time we recommend top 3 luxury houses that are still available for renting and buying in our rich property base.


The first of our top 3 choice is house in Dedinje on 280 sqm, with 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, laundry and central independent heating. House has outdoor swimming pool, garden and a garage. It is fully furnished, however there is possibility of renting the house even without furniture. Monthly rent is 2400 euros.


With 220 sqm this house may be perfect home for a small family. The house is located in Voždovac, has 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as the working room. House is rented unfurnished and inside it has already installed central heating as well as the fireplace, satellite TV, cable TV and Internet. Outside the house there is amazing big green garden, garage and additional parking place. This house can be yours for 2100€ per month.


If you are looking for a house where you will feel as living a fairytale then you should definitely check luxury villa in Dedinje on 2800sqm with 12bedrooms and 8 bathrooms. This luxury building has even a guest toilet, garage for 2 cars and even indoor swimming pool. Big terrace and stunning view to whole Belgrade makes it really irresistible offer. House is rented completely equipped, so if you were looking for living space like this one, contact Real Estate agents and give your suggestion for the monthly rent.

15 top reasons why Belgrade is the most wanted city for living

Day after day Belgrade is becoming the real world’s metropolis with many business opportunities, lots of foreign capital, fast way of living and more and more people who are moving here.  It is experiencing fast growth and development, because it has already become the center of the Balkan region.  However, the ones that come from big European cities find Belgrade completely different and special and here are some of the reasons why:

  1. It’s an old European capital that is lately experiencing modernization which have opened a plenty of new learning, working and business opportunities
  2. It stretches at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers with 11 bridges and the most beautiful walks all along the river coast.
  3. Belgrade lies on a crossroad from West to East and North to South which makes it very important center for international trade and international transportation;
  4. It is developing city with big modern business zones located mainly in Novi Beograd.
  5. It is famous about vibrant nightlife and on tenths of nightclubs housed on rivers opened from late in the night until early morning hours.
  6. It is full with forests and green neighborhoods such as Dedinje, Košutnjak, Senjak or Banjica where you will find enough space for playing with your children and sport recreation.
  7. Belgrade  has the most prestigious parts of town with luxury villas and imposing houses. In our property basis you can take a look to some of them.
  8. People are friendly and full of hospitality;
  9. Belgrade has the best choice of restaurants with delicious traditional food and homemade plum brandy – Slivovitsa.
  10. It still preserves the look of an old historic town with unique buildings that still enriches Belgrade with variety of architecture styles and makes it unique in whole region.
  11. Belgrade has the most beautiful old buildings, historical monuments and medieval fortress ‘’Kalemegdan’’  with the most beautiful city’s park and the amazing view to confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.
  12. It has ’’Ada’’ river island located in the Sava River’s just few minutes of a drive from a city center. It is more famous as ’’Belgrade’s Sea’’, big recreational zone famous about sport activities, beaches and bars just next to the water.
  13. Belgrade organize the biggest Southeastern Europe’s beer festival and on hundreds of other movie, music festivals during all year.
  14. Belgrade has BIGZ – the coolest arts space is in Europe located in Belgrade neighborhood called Senjak.
  15. Lately even Belgrade has big and very modern shopping malls with the world’s top famous brands.


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