How to rent an apartment to foreign diplomats?

Renting an apartment to foreign diplomats is convenient for every real estate agency as guaranteeing long term agreement with a serious tenant and provides good references for property services for all other potential tenants that look for serious and professional help with renting their new property.

When renting apartment to a foreign diplomats you can either rent a property directly to diplomat representative, consul  and other personal from  different international organizations or to an embassy and diplomatic mission and the foreign government.

Often very good for business renting apartment to foreign diplomats is more demanding than renting properties to a business people and other VIP person. Property should be on a very good place with safety gate and able to answer all security standards.

Read more how to prepare your property to rent it to an embassy?

In the most of the cases foreign diplomats are looking for the properties that are special and different in comparison with those offered at the market. They look for the property special by its architecture or history and at the same time highly functional and equipped by the latest standards.

With no exception foreign diplomats are looking fully furnished apartments, often with dishes, bed-clothes and small electronic devices. The most of them are paid and allowed to move all of these stuff from their own residence but  they would definitely like more if there is no need for it and that they have all of these already in their new apartment.

If you are ready to give your best to obtain them all needed and fulfill all their requests, they won’t think nor regret to pay good to highly professional agency that will provide for them the best living and working conditions and the final commission with this clients is not less than the amount they will pay for two monthly rents of chosen apartment.

Keeping pets in rented apartment

Our best friends are not always the best friends for our landlords and the owners of the apartments that you want to move, especially if they are not big fans of animals inside the apartment. You are probably right when you think that once you pay the apartment you are allowed to do inside of it whatever you feel like to, however owner wants to protect its own property from any kind of damage that might be caused by an animal.

Unfortunately no matter how trained and obedient your pets are, change of a living environment can provoke them to make a lot of unwanted damage. Having in mind number of families that own pets’ landlords should accept them together with tenants, otherwise they will surely close the door to for a many of potential renters who are ready to pay the monthly rent if they can keep their pet with them self. However if they don’t want them in apartment and you don’t have their permission you won’t be able to keep your pet in your new apartment.

Solution for both is to make clear how far they are ready to sacrifice for their own interests and to put in lease agreement under what conditions are pets allowed to stay in rented apartment.

Once the owner accept the animal in his new or renovated apartment it would be fair tenant pay all the damage caused by his pet. Due to these situations it is not surprise that owner would ask bigger security deposit to secure himself in the tenant is not ready to pay for it. In some of the countries these amount is even obligatory and better known as pet bonds.

However, sometimes this is not enough. Just for any case give pet resume, letter from the vet, references from a previous neighborhood and landlords. In order to persuade your landlord to accept your pet stress out if planning to stay in the apartment for a longer term and even offer higher security deposit even before the landlord had the opportunity to ask from you.

Rent great apartments in Belgrade for the best prices

Although this period is not so good time for renting apartments in Belgrade and even wider, Mentor Real Estate Agency Belgrade comes with three extra affordable apartments ten minutes away from city center.  All apartments are equally suitable for young couples, small families and business person as situated at one of the top locations all around Belgrade and fully furnished and prices couldn’t be better. And they are real.

Vračar 60sqm apartment for rent with terrace

Have you ever dream to live in a neighborhood of St Sava’s temple, just ten minutes of walk to city center but this was to big attack for your budget. It doesn’t have to be the case any more. We come with outstanding offer. Rent one room apartment in Vračar with terrace and garage for just 600 euros per month. Apartment is fully equippedwith modern furniture and central heating, air conditioner and satellite, cable Internet system.

Two rooms apartment with garage in center of Belgrade

If you need more space for living than you will definitely be interested to take a look at two room apartment in the heart of Belgrade for 700 euros of monthly fee. Apartment is in Strai Grad in Višnjićeva street just five minutes away of pedestrian zone in center of Belgrade. Apartment is rented fully furnished and together with garage place. It has two bedrooms, toilet and bathroom as well as central heating, air conditioner Internet, cable and satellite TV system.

Modern 60sqm apartment for rent in Voždovac

If you are searching for nice and warm apartment for your family we bring you third option of an apartment in Voždovac in calm neighborhood near Banjica forest. This two bedroom apartment with all furniture and parking place can be yours for 500 euros per month. The price includes central heating and air conditioner, as well assatellite and cable system with Internet.

How to negotiate the best property deal for your real estate?

How to negotiate the best property deal for your real estate?

No matter if you are selling or renting your apartment, all of us who poses some of the properties want to get the best price out of their sale. Sometimes our expectations are not so real and even out of the prices offered at current property market that even advises of experienced real estate agents cannot break down our wanted price.  However, after a long waiting of someone who is ready to pay the price that we want, can make us to sell real estate even below their market value.

That is why it is important to know some of the gold rules for negotiation the best real estate deal when selling or renting the apartment.

1.       Negotiation start before the sale is announced – Your negotiations for real estate price are starting far more before you contact the real estate agency or you have met with the buyer. One of the most important things are to find out yourself what are the least and the biggest amount you would be satisfied with, so you can have your own negotiation range, before the negotiation have started.  However, try to stay realistic and put out yourself of the seller’s place to a place of someone who is paying your property.

2.       Always ask more money than you think you can get. – When forming a price you should be honest toward yourself is buying or renting your property. Always ask more than you think you might get, but try to stay in a range of the other prices at the market or the recommended price from the side of the agent, as this can alienate the potential buyers.

3.      Never expose the lowest price you are ready to accept for the apartment – In order to get the best price for your property, you shouldn’t expose what is the lowest price that you would accept at the end. This price is dangerous zone as it gives a sign to a buyer that you will accept the overturn of the biggest asked amount.

4.       The longer the negotiation lasts your chances for success are bigger –  If you start the highest price than you will have to set it down. However, when doing it, let it be gradually and very carefully, as the longer the negotiation would last, your chances for success will be better. Reviewing the offer is real psychological war for both sides where the winner is the one that is more brave and more ready.

5.        Always remind buyer on positive sides of your real estate – During this long psychological war at the negotiation board, with every new offer, try to look back at all positive things your property offers, as they might be good reason the opposite side would accept the bigger price.  This is one of the ways to remind your buyer that your real estate is more valued than he is ready to pay.




Property Details

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How to make your real estate agency benefit from smart phone applications?

How to make your real estate agency benefit from smart phone applications?

Smart and mobile phones have become for a while one of the most successful tool for gaining new buyers and renters in a real estate business.  Numbers are saying that among the 90% of buyers that are starting their property search on the Web more than 80% are starting their search through smart phones and tablets.

However, these are not the only advantages these applications are offering to their users and real estate agencies.

Depending of the options that are offered on mobile applications they can improve dramatically the efficiency of your real estate agents as well as to increase the number of visits of the potential buyers and renters. In a very short time you can improve the competitiveness of your real-estate agency and to return all the invested money in short.

If you are asking how here are some of the ways.

Organization of meetings and notes are the smallest improvements that real-estate mobile applications can bring to your real estate business. They can make easier your access to different kind of data you are storing at your site or other archives at your personal computer and Web. With these tools you will be able to reach in any moment to many pictures and video materials even when you are visiting some of the properties with your clients.

Some of the applications are specially designed to able you scan the dimensions of properties and to automatically create the plan of the rooms and the position of the furniture, so you can post it in different formats all around the Web.

Far best out of all is that with some of these applications with your smart device you can take, post a photo and to describe property from its real location adding the GPS data and the most important places in their neighbor  together with other available properties and their prices.

We don’t even have to mention that your smart devices will allow you to answer all the customers’ questions andrequest immediately that will able your clients to get all needed information and make easier their final decision for buying  or renting a property they have really wanted.

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5 things every home buyer wants

5 things every home buyer wants

While different generations and different categories of people might have different needs about equipment and technical features in their home there are few things that every buyer and tenants want to have in his apartment and that is valued in the same way no matter the budget or the wanted size of the property.

1.       Small prices – World economic crisis have influenced that even the wealthiest one calculate with the prices when looking for their new properties and more than ever before buyers are very careful with the prices taking into consideration how the purchase may influence their financial situations in the year that are coming. That is why good price are one of the top priorities of today’s buyers especially if they buy properties with a mortgage.

2.       Modest buildings – The real estate recession might be a reason buyers today look for smaller homes that are enough to satisfy their basic needs for privacy for every member of family. However smaller homes usually don’t mean small number of rooms, why real estate agents find today buyers more demanding than ever before.

3.       Big comfort – Less space does not mean less comfort, too. No matter how big new home is,  need to have walk in closet in a master bedroom, spacious living room, insulated front door, laundry, enough light all around home, but also energy-efficient heating and lightning to cut the monthly community costs.

4.       Well organized space – Well used and even better organized space is a must too, and it seems we cannot expect anything different if have to place so much of different things in less than 100 m2. Careful and wise planning of a space is very important for every building that is waiting for new buyer, no matter it is a new building that is expecting its first buyer or this is a property that’s been on a sale for a couple of times.

5.       Energy efficient heating – All of these who plan to make investment in buying new living place have the interest to cut the other hidden costs, especially when it comes to heating and electricity bills that are coming every month. If we have in mind how high these bills can be it is not surprising why more buyers are quitting of these properties that doesn’t have installed smarter energy systems that save the energy as well as their money.


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5 tips for getting perfect office space

Perfect office space should fit perfectly both to your business partners and clients as well as the workers. Having in mind that the workers spend far more time than all other clients, than it seems they should have priority when analyzing what are the conditions your perfect office space has to satisfy.

We bring you 5 main questions to take in consideration when choosing the perfect space for your business:

  1. How many employees do you have? – Depending number of employees and different sectors you will have to think how big will be enough the place you are renting for your business. Different kind of business dictates different form of layout inside the building.
  2. Will the layout work for your business?   If the open space doesn’t work for your business than you should definitely look for a place that has already separated offices to escape any other investment with adapting the space for your own purpose.
  3. How important is location for your business? – Although location is very important when choosing your officespace, think twice what are alternatives and where you can move your office and still to be very easy reachable for your workers and clients. Often the most attractive locations are quite crowded with people and vehicles that is not bad for making new business contacts, however can be molesting for getting to work and finding parking place for your workers and visitors.
  4. Do you have enough storage places and parking place? – Both of these can be quite big problem for all of those who are dealing with any kind of supply services or distribution of different products as these sectors as you will need to provide better attendance to the entrance and enough places to keep all the products from your product line.
  5. How big budget do you have for renting new office space? – All previous things will influence dominantly at thefinal rent of your perfect office space, however far before you have decided to start looking for it, you are supposed to calculate how much you will be able to single for your new office place.

It would be the best to have all of these for decent price; however it is not always easy to get it. But to get it you should already start searching for it, and you will have more time and more chance to find it. In order not to waste your time we suggest visiting our latest offer of office space in Zemun that fits almost all mention criteria.

How do you like it?

5 top advantages of living in big cities

Great number of people are moving to big cities because of job and studies at least once in their life, however very often are still not satisfied with all the stuff that are following a life in big cities. Most of them are usually not satisfied with speedy life, distances they have to make every day, big crowds and traffic, as well as higher cost of living, but life in big cities offer many advantages and here are 5 top advantages of living in Belgrade.

More people – More opportunities – More people open more opportunities for your personal development, for a carrier and changes in your life. This brings people from big cities completely different experience, as well as more people from different interests, cultures and background.

Better quality of services – Bigger competence and more companies are guaranteed for wider choice when deciding for some of your partners in different business as well as better service. Far before than in smaller towns, you will be able to try innovations in different sectors and even to bring these innovations in less developed environments.

Faster administration – When you are far away from big cities you have to visit them occasionally for getting different kind of permits and documents needed for your business, medical treatments and other bureaucracy requests.

Attendance to many other attractions – The most important cultural and historic buildings are usually in capitals and bigger cities, and living here the most important national attractions will be just at your hand.

More quality spare time – The biggest cultural and sport events are organized mainly in the biggest cities in the county. Here you can find something for everyone no matter you are in love with music, sport, theater, comedy or clubbing.  One is sure you won’t be never bored with that many activities.


Real estate in Belgrade even more favorable in 2014.

If it is to believe to the trend in local real estate market, period of expensive properties has ended for a while. Although every goods always find it’s buyer,  expensive properties in Belgrade are selling rarely recently and real estate prices with continue to fall even in 2014.

Some prediction says that in 2014 we will be able to buy real estates near to Belgrade’s city center for about 1400 euros per square meter. The same trend is present even in neighborhood towns and in whole region, and the fall in prices is clear even in a comparison to the prices of the end of previous year. Square meter of residential space in Belgrade in this moment doesn’t overcome 700 euros at periphery and 1800 euros in New Belgrade, Dedinje and Vračar. The most expensive properties cost around 2000 euros per square meter that is up to 5% less than previous year.  The same trend is affecting neighboring countries. For example the real estate prices in Budapest are as the same as prices in Novi Sad , and the prices of new properties in Slovenia has experienced fall of almost 15 % in past few years.

Although it is difficult to predict to what extent this decline will continue, it is certain in this year will be more difficult to sell older real estates, due to still very large supply of new buildings, very poor purchasing ability of Serbian citizens, as well as the belief that new built apartments are still far better than old apartments and houses, no matter the structure and the way they’ve been made.

However, this trend should not jeopardize the sale of luxury villas and fully furnished luxurious houses, because these properties are more or less reserved for a particular group of people, mostly wealthy businessmen and foreigners that are coming to Serbia in bigger number within the past years.  This class of people still have very specific requirements on accommodation and the average real estates present at a local market is not always able to answer on it. The other reason for bigger demand of luxury apartments is the fact they are still more affordable compared to the prices of properties in the countries these foreign representatives are coming from.


Don’t miss the opportunity to buy extra luxurions villa in Dedinje

If you have ever imagine your dream house it was definetly gorgeous and spacious, clean and astonishing. Pretty much as our last property for sale, luxurious villa on one of the most attractive locations in Belgrade, that is ready to give you the most pleasant moments and the happiest feelings like you are living your favourite fairytale.

This comfortable and well-equipped villa is suitable both for living as well as for office space. On more than 1200 sq m there are 4 bedrooms with their own bathrooms, you can easily change into offices. In addition there is one big working room with big terrace and garage for even three vehicles. Their characteristics make this villa suitable even for diplomatic residence and even for embassy for foreign representatives that are staying in Belgrade.

Big hall inside the building is more than convenient for big cocktails and events and showy and magnificent architecture with stylish furniture and expensive lighting will surely impress all the visitors, both your friends, business partners or diplomatic delegations.

Regardless the space and its size, this villa is warm and cozy place for unforgettable family time and has even a fireplace for enjoying in romantic moments, but also central heating and central air conditioner and the separate laundry. Inside the building there are already installed both satellite and cable tv system and Internet is available all around the house.

Especially interesting is location, as this luxurious villa is located in Bulevar Oslobođenja street, one of the most beautiful boulevards in Belgrade, very near Slavija square, just five minutes from main high way and just opposite of the most beautiful forests in the region,  Banjica forest. In the nearest surrounding there are also sport’s center Banjica, Military Medical Academy, few markets and few schools and faculties, together with international school for children.

Call us and start living your dream!


5 reasons to invest in luxury apartment

Renting or buying specious and well-designed luxury apartments usually demand a lot of money, however benefits these apartments offer to their tenants and owners sometimes are worth even much more money then invested.

More comfort and more space are just some among others, but customers usually single out less noise as the biggest amenity that you will get with the price you pay for these kind of properties. They might be right. Could you even imagine worse thing then a noise of a neighbored after long and exhausting day at work?

Although  luxury apartments may seem more expensive than any other type of property at the market all the amenities that you get paying your monthly rent for a luxury residences will spare you any other costs of security system, security cameras and gates if your apartment is not in a calm and trusty area or a monthly fee for your parking space in front the building of your old apartment.

Have in mind that all luxury apartments have to fulfill some standards so you wouldn’t even lose so much money and time on searching a building that will satisfy your demand for high standard of livingThese include security standards, location, quality of living and all other features that are not so obligatory, however necessary to enjoy any minute of your spare time. So if you are lucky or just persistent enough you can get for a nice price even your own fitness, swimming pool, resting spa area with sauna and jacuzzi, high-tech video and sound equipment, your own romantic fireplace and wide balcony with a tremendous view to one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

Luxury villas are usually isolated from a heavy traffic that is why it is very hard to find some in a center of a city, but usually they are very close to it, in some of the most prestigious complex of a town.

Luxury apartments are protected and controlled for 24 hours with modern security system and the most of them poses even other protection instruments.

So let us hear, how much money are you ready to pay for all of these?

Real estate trends for 2014.

New Year is knocking on our door and it is right time to draw a line and to analyze previous year and to make some of New Year’s resolution for the year that is coming. If one of yours NY resolution is to sell or buy a house or maybe to rent an apartment than have in mind some of the following real estate trends for 2014.

Suburban is becoming urban – Due to bug number of inhabitants cities and towns are spreading and developing on a daily basis. More of citizens are looking for properties that are located on a nice place that is not in a city center, but that is connected with good connections with other parts of the town.  Suburban areas are becoming more urban due to bigger flow of the people who are coming to big city and they are becoming self-sufficient with new infrastructure, new shopping malls, markets and other contents needed for leading quality life.

mentorent srbija 2014Green is IN – In 2014 even more than now it is expected increased demand for properties with green areas or the one that are near bigger green area. Even small family houses near the biggest cities will be more popular among the buyers and renters. That is why 2014 will be good year for all of you who have similar property to get a good price for it.

Less is more – Even in 2014 renters and buyer will keep its minimalistic approach when it comes to a size of a property and the way it is furnished. Smaller apartments are easier to pay off and they are still enough to organize living, but definitely cannot receive a lot of furniture. We advise not to exaggerate with furniture, focus to a main parts such as nicely equipped modern kitchen, bathroom and comfort beds, as everything else buyers and tenants will can always buy for a good price, so it won’t attract a lot of their attention.

We wish you joyful and successful 2014!!!



Take a look at surprisingly affordable Belgrade apartments

Winter is not the best time to rent apartments due to reduced demand at real estate market, however serious real estate agency has always joker for most devoted and the most persistent clients that are looking for their dream apartment during whole year.

Excellent luxury apartment at Dedinje at more than 160 sqm

Mentor real estate has just launched irresistible offer of luxury apartment with a rounded balcony and astonishing views. At more than 160 sqm there are 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and separate toilet. Apartment is rentedwithout furniture, however, at your favor is central heating and air conditioner, as well as TV and cable system with Internet. Monthly rent is 1500 euros and in this price is also included allowance for your own garage.

Double terrace apartment at Dedinje at 140 sqm

If you find this offer too expensive we have good alternative at 140 sqm in the same area at Dedinje near hospital. For a better price you will get 3 bedrooms and the same amount toilets and bathrooms. For 1000 euros you will get even a laundry and 2 terraces, as well as central heating, air conditioner, cable and satellite tv and Internet. The apartment is at your service furnished or unfurnished together with a garage for your vehicle.

Comfortable modern and warm 60 sqm apartment at Voždovac – extra affordable

Small but comfortable apartment on 60 sqm, ideal for small family or young marriage couple that are just starting their life together. On 60 sqm you will get everything that you need: two fully furnished bedrooms, kitchen with living room and one bathroom. The apartment has installed central heating, air conditioner, , satellite and cable system and Internet. In a final monthly rent is included your own parkinmg place that is a problem at Voždovacwhere the apartment is located. This modern but warm apartment can be yours for 500€ per month.



5 the biggest mistakes of first-time renters

Renting an apartment is a serious decision and it and more of 2/3 of first time renters are making at least one of following mistakes. Some of these mistakes are repeated them even with more experienced renters.  Read carefully following to save yourself unwanted costs and unnecessary troubles.

  1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew –   Tenants without experience usually want to have everything in their rented apartments without knowing that a last price is influenced by every single convinience apartment is able to offer to us. Yes good location and public transportation nearby will add value to the property in the same way as it will do it extra parking place, tremendous view from a balcony or romantic fire-place. Be aware of this fact and think twice about the conveniences that you really need, to focus while looking for new apartment.
  2. Not calculating real costs of living in renting apartment – Most of first time renters are surprised with the amount they pay at the end of the month as forgetting about all utility costs that are not included in monthly rent. So try to get all the information about these costs when coming to see the apartment for the first time, in order to know real costs of living in the apartment that you like.
  3. Not seeing carefully apartment and the environment you plan to move in – Apart the troubles with cost and money big surprises are often noisy neighborhoods, unpleasant smells and dark streets without lights. Be inquisitive and try to speak with some of the neighborhoods about problems they might have in this area in order to cut these risks on minimum.
  4. Making bad lease agreement – Bad lease agreement is even worse than no agreement so try to include all the things that may be important for you as a tenant to protect your tenants’ rights and freedom.
  5. Forgetting about all small things that makes rented apartment your own home – At the end when first viewing your apartment try to find out what are the things that will stay even when you move in as sometime much of small things such as bathroom curtains, kitchen dishes, lamps and some of the electrons are not included so you may count on them, but at the end you will have to get your own.

Mentor Real Estate advises in New York Times

Few days ago New York Times has announced that Serbian real estate market is becoming more interesting for foreign investments and foreign buyers as Serbia is experiencing slow but evident economic development and as the day of entrance to European family is becoming more certain. As so Serbian Real estate market will grow in next years and New York Times advises that domestic agencies are supposed to focus on improving renting and selling services to foreign citizens and expatriates.

In the following lines the most successful Serbian real estate agencies give advises to all of these who are interested to move to Belgrade and enjoy its pleasant atmosphere and busy and active lifestyle. Among them there Mentor Real Estate agency present for 20 years in local real estate market and with more than 10 years of experience in a property business for foreigners.

Pavle Ivanović, the owner of the agency had said for New York Times that, for investors it is best to buy a property of 100 square meters to 150 square meters. He admits that in the moment, the return might be lower from what it was before but he is sure that such rental property can return the cost of investment in eight to 10 years.

Highly experienced in property business he further advice foreign buyers to concentrate on Belgrade’s central districts, the heart of the Belgrade and look for historic properties that have some face and character.

The image of Belgrade suffered under Communism,” he said, referring mostly to Novi Beograd, or New Belgrade, a concrete maze of apartments completed in the mid-1950s across the Danube from the city center. “The old houses had some face, but the new ones had no face, without character.” – he concluded.

Other Serbia researches show that in this moment Belgrade’s real estate market still is dominated by local demand, with only 15 percent to 20 percent of the current rentals or sales coming from expatriates or Serbians returning to the country, however there are more foreigners that recognize Belgrade as interesting territory to start their business. In the moment foreigners are allowed to own residential property in Serbia as long as their country grants the same rights to Serbian citizens.

Read more at New York times article ‘’Serbian Real Estate Prepares for a Comeback’’ or in print version of The International New York Times that was published on November 1, 2013.


3 golden rules for renting apartment

In real estate industry tenants and real-estate agents have their own secrets for getting the most for themselves when closing the property business, however both of them advice the same everyone that are entering the property business. No matter if you are looking for your own apartment or you are renting one to someone you should follow top three golden rules.

Less is more – Pretty much as in everyday life less is more even in a property business. Here we mean to less furniture and less decorations if you want to rent your apartment sooner and for the better price.  Modern furniture with a lot of details can be a good trigger for someone to pay a bigger sum of money, however an average apartment with universal furniture and not overload with stuff is more likely to suit more people, so the chance to rent it are far more bigger.

Smaller apartment is better investment – While the demand for bigger and spacious properties is rising just in time without crises, smaller apartments are always actual. This kind of properties are interesting for both, those who are renting and buying them,  as you can always count on great number of renters who are able to pay the price for them , so the return for these apartments is assured no matter the overall economic situation or periodic crisis. The only question is the price that you get, usually based on a current demand and offer at the local property market.

Keep yourself out of troubles with lease agreement – Lease agreement is a must if you want to protect yourself of any kind of problem regarding the payment and all additional expenditures. After you have signed it you will probably have to pay some tax to the state, however with it  both sides are well protected if some problem appears and one of the sides doesn’t want to solve it outside litigation.


House or flat? – the biggest buying and renting dilemma

As long as you feel comfortable and the apartment is fitting all your needs there is not so big difference whether you live in a house or in a flat.

Although many of us like to enjoy in a pleasure of their own green yard, flat has a lot advantages especially when it comes time for cleaning and commissioning. If you have a children it is always easier to control them in an apartment, even if they hide inside the furniture, you will now that they are safe and sound inside the apartment. On the other hand, there is not bigger pleasure of hours and house in your wonderful garden full of flowers and other greenness. Not to mention traditional barbecue with your friends or outdoor birthday parties under the sky full of stars.

However, if you are living in a big city buying or renting these kind of house can be a serious whole life investment, especially if you want to have the house that you’ve been dreaming all of your life. That is why in our renting practice, for a while good spacious apartments in a building with few floors are far away more popular and easier to sell or rent an apartment. But terrace is a must. If the apartment has big windows, lot of daily light and sun during the most of a day than this apartment is always good alternative for all of those who likes to enjoy in a magic moments of their own home and that spend a lot inside of it.

Although square meter of a house is usually more affordable than a square meter of an apartment, smaller surface still makes apartment more affordable and attractive for those who have decided to buy their own.

In Mentor Real Estate we have more than interesting offer of the apartment that replace your dream house in full and here are just some of them.


Click and check one of the most affordable offers concerning the conditions and a final price.

Rent high quality apartments in Dedinje for the best price

Dedinje is prestigious quart in 10 minutes of center of Belgrade very famous about its luxury villas and high-classneighbors. Everyone that have moved in Belgrade was dreaming  to live here and with our top 3  special properties it is not far away to become reality. We invite you to discover and rent the most luxurious apartments in Dedinje equipped toward the latest interior design trends for the best prices ever.

Dedinje 140 sqm apartment with swimming pool

In the center of Dedinje, just opposite the Royal White Palace, we rent  modern and fully furnished apartment at 140 sqm with your own outdoor swimming pool and 24/7 hours security. Apart 3 spacious bedrooms and 2 bathrooms this apartment poses its own sauna and jacuzzi, as well as two parking places. All this pleasure and enjoyment can be yours for a price of 1700€ per month.

Fully furnished two level apartment

High quality apartments are our specialty and just like this is our second two level apartment at Dedinje. Very near the Royal Compound this apartment is fully furnished and equipped with everything that might need an average family. This spacious apartment at 130 sqm has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, separate toilet and two big terraces. In the first floor in the kitchen and dining room there is wonderful fireplace to enjoy romantic moments with your family and your partner. Apart the fireplace apartment has gas central city heating and air conditioner. In a price of 1300€ it is included all satellite tv, cable tv, internet and your own garage, as well as the 24/7 security.

130 sqm modern apartment perfect for young married couple

The last but not the least interesting offer is totally modern and fully furnished apartment at 130 sqm with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big terrace and separated spacious wardrobe. For all of you that enjoy small details this apartment will be the perfect choice concerning the money you will pay and commodity you will get.

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Can neighbors jeopardize your sale or rent?

The overall impression with a  neighborhood can bring down the value of your property, but, believe it or not, it can even put on risk the sale or renting of the property. No matter if the apartment you sell or rent is located in the best and the most famous quart of  a city some things from your neighborhood can definitely jeopardize your sale or rent.

Among the first things that buyers and tenants usually escape are messy, overgrown yards and abandoned houses. Not just that most of the people don’t want to live isolate and far away from people, these messy areas can be the source of different problems with insects and other locust-trees.  However, big noise is even bigger problem if present in a  neighborhood where you rent or sell house or an apartment.

Furthermore, among top 5 enemies for renting and selling of your house, there are bad smells, big noise made by animals, barking and howling, as well as the noise of cars and public transportation. Even a noise from a neighbor that has just started renovation of his house might be harmful for a final rent/sale agreement.

Equally important are social qualities of your neighbors. As you never know when you will need some of help, it is always good to have a favorable person next to your door, however impolite and long-tongued neighbors that spread the rumors around can bepretty irritating, as every one of us want to enjoy in the peace and freedom of his own home and yard.


Although you cannot influence to the most of these things when preparing your property to rent or for sale, try to be careful and aware of them when presenting your property and bringing potential tenants for a first visiting. Otherwise they might not return never again.

Security deposit – is it really necessary?

Security deposit is one of the biggest headaches when renting an apartment and entering in someone else apartment. We give it to an owner or renter in a case of damage caused while staying in his apartment, or for a purpose of cleaning when we leave the apartment. No matter if it is refundable or nonrefundable; it is minimum in the amount of monthly rent, why it is big spending for a tenant. However, if you are sure that you will get your deposit at the end of renting period it is a safe way to have your money on the side and spare them for something else.

But how to stay sure that you will get your deposit at the end and for what purposes it can be used?

This is individual thing and it depends just of the agreement that you have made with the owner. In order to be sure to get back your security deposit try to make things clear from the beginning and put in written statement the amount you have paid as well as the list with already existing damages if you are entering the apartment that has already been rented.

Try to include in paper what are the damages and repairs that may be covered with your security deposit as well as the latest deadline when the landlord has to return your money. An extra witness wouldn’t be a bad idea, and if there are some damages photos would be more than welcome. This paper should be signed from both sides and keep the copy as well as the photos that you have taken.

When the moving day comes your landlord must obtain the list with the repairs that are made in themeantime, as well as the valid checks for the sum of money that he was paid for repairing. The same means for you if you have done some of the repairs and you want to get your money back.

Be wise and careful because just a small dismiss can leave you without your money, although you have taken good care with the apartment.

This fall the best properties for the best prices

Days of vacations are already far behind us and it is right time to start looking seriously for your new apartment. We have worked hardly whole summer to come with the best apartments in the most prestigious quart in Belgrade. If you want to rent or to buy a house or apartment in Belgrade this fall Mentor Real Estate comes with the best properties so far and the most affordable prices.

New Dedinje apartment at 110 sqm

Rent your new apartment at Dedinje at  more than 110 sqm for just 1200€ and you will enjoy even 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, big spacious terrace. The apartment has  central heating on gas, their own garage and storage,  4 air conditioners and already installed satellite tv, cable tv and  Internet.

Fully furnished apartment for rent at Dedinje at 130 sqm

If you need more space in this area then take a look at this fully furnished apartment at Dedinje. For the same price you will get 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and separate toilet, and your own parking place. The apartment has central city heating, air conditioner and satellite tv, cable tv, Internet.

 Modern fully furnished apartment at 108 sqm

For those who search for more modern apartment equipped with the furniture of the latest generation we offer you smaller but comfortable apartment with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and a garage. Monthly rent is 1200€ and the apartment is located in a center of the most popular Belgrade quart in Dedinje.

Dedinje house for sale – special price

For the end we have left the most interesting house for sale at the same location with 2 times more space. With 6 bedroom and 3 bathrooms with floor and central heating, toilet, double garage and a big yard it ideal for small families who are looking for their new home. All with satellite and cable TV. Internet and even a fireplace this house is sold fully furnished as well as unfurnished.

Contact us and we will find the apartment for any taste!

How to prepare your property to rent it to an embassy?

In a real estate industry it is always the most complicated to rent big, spacious houses and villas, as they usually cost a lot of money and the average, ordinary family usually doesn’t need that much space and probably won’t pay bigger sum of money just to enjoy in their luxury. But if you have this kind of property and you are looking for a tenant then maybe you should search it among business class and diplomatic representatives, as they will definitely need more space and best equipped properties. Before you rent it you should know what are the demands of these clients, so that you can get a best price for it.

Embassies are usually in a big and spacious buildings with attractive design usually equipped in a certain style that draw a lot of attention.

Diplomatic representatives and usually have special demands for extra parking place, basement and security standards so it is not a bad idea to try to focus on these when preparing your property to rent for a foreign embassy or international companies for their seat in Belgrade. It concerns security gate or even a wall, with goodposition to overlook all the entrances.

Good location is also one of the top priorities for all the embassies. It doesn’t have to be in the city center however it has to be in a calm neighborhood with  a good connections with other parts of a city. For their residences diplomacy cores usually choose the most beautiful quarts, that are clean and surrounded with green areas. These are usually the most prestigious quarts with other luxury villas in the neighborhood.

Building should be spacious with a lot of small rooms, wide balcony is a must, as well as the big hall for diplomatic cocktails and dinners. These properties should have big windows with a lot of lights and big nice arranged garden is just a plus that will definitely help that you property become diplomatic residence or embassy for many foreign representatives that are staying in Belgrade.

5 the most important renters´ rights

No matter the type of rent somehow landlord always wants to overlook the tenants in their apartments, although  those who are renting apartment have their right on privacy, as they are paying for it. In order to keep both sides happy it is important to include both tenant and tenants’ right in a lease agreement, however this is not always easy thing to do since the landlord-tenants law varies from state to state.

However, there are 5  key renters’ rights that are the same in every country.

1.       No matter where you rent apartment landlord is the one that do all repairs in apartment and take these costs. These repairs can make tenants, however the cost should be reimbursed through monthly rent or in cash. For every case note this in the lease, as well as the period these repairs should be done.

2.       Every landlord is supposed to let know the tenant if entering the apartment, if possible at least 24 hours before. However, these visits should be really minimum and just in case of an emergency or due to repairs.

3.       You are not allowed to rent the apartment to the third party; however the landlord is not allowed to overlook the number of guest you are receiving as well as when you are leaving or entering apartment.  You are not paying just the apartment but your privacy. This is maybe the most important tenants’ right.

4.       Your landlord may tell you the thing that bothers him, however you are the one to decide if you will respect it or not. In any case he is not allowed to change the locks and things in apartment without any notice,  as well as to visit the apartment while you are not home.

5.       Almost every landlord is asking for the security deposit that is usually not higher than a monthly rent; however have in mind that security deposit is returned within two to four weeks after the tenant has notified the landlord about moving out, and is not refundable just in case of physical damages or not paying the bills. In any other case you should get your security deposit back until the last penny. In a case that you are not entering the new apartment yours is to take a look, to take a photo and to make the list of stuff and damages and to give it to the landlord. In case if you forget to do it, don’t be surprised if you have to pay for some damage that you didn’t make.

10 useful things to know before moving to Belgrade

Moving to a new environment can be pretty stressful experience why is more than wise to get as much information as possible about new city, habits the way of living and it’s atmosphere. We bring a short list of top 10 things that are good to know before coming to live in Belgrade.

1.       Belgrade is famous about great hospitality and leisureliness, and this thing fascinates majority of tourists, however when it comes to living here, this kind of living style can irritate all who are coming from other culture.

2.       Leisure living style have influenced to public and business sphere, so be ready for waiting more than you have get used to no matter if it is waiting in a row in a bank or hospital or for your business partners to start the meeting.

3.       With a plenty of cars it is not always a pleasure to drive through Belgrade, but although the public buses are not so good equipped and in the best conditions public transportation has extensive network so it is good alternative for driving by your own from one part of city to another every day.

4.       The most popular neighborhoods in Belgrade are Vračar, Senjak, Dedinje, Novi Beograd and Stari Grad and you can find one of the most beautiful and the most luxurious apartments and houses with astonishing architecture.

Here are some of our suggestions of the best apartments in the most famous neighborhood in Belgrade

5.       Prices of a square meter varies from 900 until 3000 euros in the most prestigious areas, but in comparison with previous years prices are falling down especially for large apartments and the most luxury real estates which makes him one of the cheapest cities in the region when it comes to buying your own property.

6.       When it comes to security issue things have changed in a comparison with nineties when Belgrade was one of the top risky places to live in whole Europe.

7.       Climate is wonderful. Belgrade has a mixture of subtropical and continental climate with four different seasons and it means a lot of sun and not many rain, however temperatures are not so high in summer and not so low during the winter.

8.       Is a real world cosmopolitan metropolis with many business opportunities, a lot of foreigners that are coming every day, big cultural events and entertainment activities to have fun and get relaxed in your spear time. It is famous about great parties and good nightlife.

9.       Working hours of majority of stores are during whole day from 8-20h, in most of the cases even on Saturdays. Working week last for 5 days and working hours are mainly from 9-17h.

10.   Although this is not the case in many other countries tap water is safe to drink. Lime scale is a bit higher however not dangerous so you have to buy water for drinking or cooking.


New fall in prices for large apartments and properties bigger than 300 sqm

Global economic crisis that had befallen the world few years ago, still influence the fall in real estate prices and in accordance with international and European trends the same variations in prices are recorded in domestic Belgrade real estate’s market as well.

Regardless the economic standard, prices of a square meter in Belgrade are not different from other capitals in the region.  Just few years ago apartments at exclusive locations in Ljubljana, Zagreb, Podgorica and Belgrade had cost over 2,500 euros per square meter, but today these apartments in the same locations sell at significantly lower prices. For last few years in the region it is estimated overall decline in prices for 30-40% and real estate agents testify that these luxury apartments in prime locations in Belgrade today cannot sell for more than 2,000 euros per square meter.

As the government has recently announced new tax policy that will increase utilities for about 300%, next surprise in the local real estate market could be decline in prices for big houses and apartments bigger than 300 square meters.

Jump of taxes and costs of living in these big properties will surely influence directly at the offer of these properties at the market, what can make a serious problem as they have been very hard to sell for a while, and this can be an extra hit for those who want to get rid of them. If owners want to sell them as soon as possible, they will be forced to offer the price that is far from the true value and the money invested this real estate.

Though, this is not so bad news for all of you that are thinking of buying a new house or apartment. If you are patient enough to wait few months more, for the money you have prepared for buying a property of average size somewhere on periphery of Belgrade you could get a big house with a garden in one of the most elite parts of Belgrade. Therefore, we recommend that you wait a bit more, especially if you are not in hurry to buy your new property.

When is right time to rent an apartment?

If you are moving out from your old apartment into new one you should know that it would be much easier and cheaper for you to start with the rent at the beginning of the month then to do it in the second half of the month or in the middle.

It is not always easy to get new short-term accommodation if your rent begins in the middle of the month, especially if you are moving out the previous apartment and you don’t have any apartment to stay while looking for a new one.  Starting rental period at the beginning of the month is better solutions for tenants at least for three reasons.

1.       As we usually pay a rent on a monthly basis, it is much easier to manage the rents as we pay a rent for a following month on the first of every month. Even when you decide to move out it is more than clear that you will have paid the rent for a whole month and it means until the last day in following month.

2.        The possibility for misunderstanding is a minimum even when it comes to paying bills for electricity, gas, water and other house hold utilities. They are usually calculated on a monthly basis as well, so you won’t have to pay something that you haven’t used, just because this is the last bill while you were in the apartment.

3.       In property business exists ‘’prorated rent’’ that refers to a rent proportionally calculated for period that you have spent in some apartment, and that is less than a month.  However, this ‘’prorated rent’’ is usually based on internal agreement between tenant and landlord, and basically depends on a will of landlord whether he is ready to let you stay longer than it was arranged. However stay prepared even to pay a rent for whole month in case that you jump in new month for just a few days.



Buy the most luxurious house in Vračar

Mentor real estate agency if famous about its tradition of renting and selling the best carefully chosen properties that are recognizable about its quality and modern architecture. All these years we were searching for the best properties in the most élite neighborhoods in Belgrade and this time we come with the top 3 the most luxurious houses in Vračar.

Although the smallest Belgrade municipality, Vračar has the biggest number of inhabitants, due to great location and connections with city center and other parts of Belgrade. That is why it is still very hard to find free and specious property. Apartments and houses are rented here through night and this is one of the additional reasons why Vračar is still one of the most expensive parts in Belgrade.

But, for their clients Mentor real estate still has great offers when it comes to buying and renting villa/house/apartment in Vračar.

Modern Vracar penthouse at 170sqm for sale

Currently available is 170 sqm penthouse house with three bedrooms and two bathrooms, wonderful terrace with astonishing view. This beautiful house is located in the center of Vracar and has central city heating and central air conditioner, their own garage place, satellite tv, cable tv, internet. You will be able to enjoy in this apartment for unbelievable price of 425.000€.

Luxury apartment in Vracar with fireplace

This luxury apartment has everything you may dream about, in less then 200 sqm. This luxury apartment has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and guest toilet, beautiful fireplace, even a separate laundry and garage for your vehicles. The apartment is sold with furniture and fully equipped, so you can start your living routine right after you sign the contract. Price for this house is  510 000€, however there are enough place for negotiation if you are interested to make this house your own home.

House in Vracar at 108 sqm for extra price

We leave the best for the end and offer not that big but very good structured home in 108 sqm with three rooms and two bathrooms. The house has installed central heating, fully furnished kitchen, terrace and their own garage. The price is the last and the best surprise, as this house can be yours for just 108 000€.



How to rent a property in 5 simple steps?

Offer at real estate market has never been richer and with the expansion of the Internet and other new technologies property bases have become available to every single Internet user. However, still finding a right property to rent is pretty stressful job and to make it easier we bring few simple advises.

Decide where you would like to live – If you are not sure where exactly you would like to live this can bring you a plenty of problems. The first one is too big offer. In order to narrow the choice of properties we advise to decide the place where you would like to live and when making this decision have in mind how far is it from work, what are transportation connections that are offered but also what is the structure of your neighborhood.

Rethink how much space it will be enough for you and your family.  Space and location will influence the price range you will need to pay, however you should be also aware how much money you will be able to single out for a monthly rent.

Just after you have answers to these questions you are ready to go to a next step and this is to call real estate agent.

Read 10 reasons why to contact real estate agent.

Real estate agent will make a short list of the properties toward your top criteria that we already have mentioned. You will take a look of photos but we recommend visiting these properties that you like the most and ask your real estate agent everything you are interested in with this property.

Read the list of questions to ask on first viewing of house.

If you have made top 3 of your favorite properties, we suggest taking a look them once more so you can be sure when making the last renting decision.

Once you have made your last decision there is just one more step before moving into it. This is signing the agreement. This is the most important part that protects your rights and responsibilities as new tenant of the house. In here you should be precise with the monthly rent, the date when you should pay it, as well as the mean of payment.

Read more about the real estate contract and reasons why you should sign it when getting new property.


Why real estate contract is necessary when buying or renting a house?

Real estate contact is an agreement between the one who sells/rents and the other side who is looking for new property. It protects the rights of both sides involved in property business and defines their responsibilities toward each other. No matter if you are the one that sell or buy an apartment or you are looking for new property this contract will save yourself unwanted stress if the other side is not behaving in the way you have agreed before.

Real estate contact is usually bilateral agreement; however in special situations it may include even a third-party. As all other law documents real estate contracts include the offer and the person that gives the offer and the other side that is accepting this offer under certain conditions. These conditions are specified within the law document that should have some of the next essential elements:

1. Details about parties that are involved;
2. Description of the property;
3. Final negotiated price and the way the sum will be paid;
4. Stipulated period in which the transaction has to be completed;
5. Provision of payment;
6. Stamp or valid signatures;
7. The name of the institution that is in charge for solving the problems if the contract is not obeyed.

In case that you are hiring the real estate agency for getting you new property it should be also included in your real property agreement, however before starting cooperation with real estate agency you should also sign up the agreement with term and conditions between you two. Agencies usually act in the name of their clients trying to represent the client’s needs in the best possible way. However, how far they can go with it and what are their licenses you should settle down with separate agency agreement about your cooperation and the costs of their services.

Special summer prices for renting a house with swimming pool

Hot long summer is already here and the best way to enjoy it is in your own swimming pool. If you still don’t have it is a right moment to get it for a special price. Swimming pool at your own house yard is not a luxury anymore and here is Real Estate list of top 3 houses with swimming pool.

Dedinje 400sq house with swimming pool

Our first suggestion is spacious house on Dedinje with 2 floors, 5 rooms and 4 bathrooms. At your service is more than 400 m2 house with basement, big yard, garage and parking place. In front of the house is nice rounded swimming pool and inside the house you can even enjoy in your own sauna. This gorgeous house you may rent without the furniture for a special price of 4000 euros per month just this summer.

House in row with swimming pool

If you search for a smaller property then you should take a look to a nice house in row located at Dedinje as well in a nice and calm surrounding. It is ideal for young couples with small children as it is fully furnished and with good property disposition to have your kids all the time at your sight. On 240 m2 there are 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms and in the backyard there is small rectangular swimming pool. Beside nice and steady garden house has its own garage and laundry. Special summer price for this house is 2400 euros per month.

Single house on Dedinje with astonishing view on Košutnjak

For those who like to enjoy in spaciousness of their home Real Estate has in the offer single house on Dedinje on more than 1000 m2 with big swimming pool and big garden terrace with astonishing view on Košutnjak. Two part swimming pool is ideal for summer parties or afternoon cocktails with your friends. On more than 1000 m2 there are 5 bedrooms all with their own bathroom, sauna, basement and garage for two cars. House is luxury furnished and equipped with everything you may need. However it can be rented furnished or unfurnished and a rent is 7000 euros per month.

5 Factors that influence final price of the property

When we analyze property prices at the market we usually compare them with other comparable properties, but prices are formed thanks to several main factors. One of the most significant are trends at the international market and interest rates, especially in the time of big economic upside downs, however in other smaller and frequent changes at the local market usually are involved some other factors:

  1. Current offer at the local real estate market – The bigger the offer of comparable properties at the local real estate markets it is the more probable to rent or buy your property for a lower price.  Prices may jump in a case that demand of properties becomes higher than the available selling or renting capacities, but this is not so frequent situation in property business.
  2. Added value of specific property – Except the usual features that goes with every property, properties may have some extra features such as extra space inside and outside of the building, as well as some luxurious elements, swimming pool, sport area, sauna.  Here, we count even the future prospects for chosen place and its surrounding.  Big, as well as small investments and developments in the nearest surrounding can have big influence on a price, so we recommend both to buyers, as well as the sellers to pay special attention to this aspect.
  3. Preparation and presentation of the property – You can definitely expect to earn more if you make small investments in property that you sell or rent, as in this way all the short comings will stay hided. Small tricks such as painting, cleaning, changing some of the old work wood or a new gate in the yard will improve the first impression and the final price as well.
  4. Good location – Good location is one of the best trumps for every property. The price will be higher if property is somewhere near the city center, however you can ask for a good price even if connections are good or there are some of interesting contents, shopping malls or big green areas somewhere near.
  5. Additional investment – No matter how high is the price of the property you can ask even bigger price if there is enough space for new investments within the property. Everyone is prepared to pay bigger sum of money for something that will gain in price with next few years.

Nice Real Estate luxury apartments to enjoy every moment

If you are that kind of person that spends a lot of time in their living space and if you look for modern and spacey accommodation, but still unique, functional and not overestimated we recommend top three special apartment offers from the current Real-estate property basis.

Fully furnished new luxury apartment in Vračar

If you prefer modern minimalist style with a lot of space and not so much furniture we recommend the luxury apartment in Vračar on 165sqm. This specious apartment is located in one of the most popular Belgrade neighborhood and it is fully furnished following the latest design trends. Apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, garage and central city heating. For 1900 € per month you will get comfortable and fully furnished apartment where you can relax and enjoy. As rooms are separated and isolated one from another this apartment is perfect for small families as they can still have their own privacy.

Modern artistic luxury apartment in New Belgrade

In a case that you are more artistic soul and you look for more individual place to live we suggest interesting apartment in New Belgrade.  This luxury apartment is one of the most beautiful apartments in our offer. Combination of colors and unique artistic details gives the apartment stunning look that you will fall into. This is single room apartment, however big enough to get all the comfort. In 100 sqm there are one bedroom, bathroom with jacuzzi, separate toilet and big terrace. It is fully furnished and has already installed central city heating, satellite TV, cable system and Internet. Apartment has its own garage and whole monthly rent is 1100€.

Romantic luxury apartment in Stari grad with fireplace and sauna

In Stari grad, the heart of Belgrade, we offer you furnished or unfurnished 100 sqm new apartment, especially interesting for those who like fireplaces. Beside two bedrooms and one bathroom this apartment has big terrace, big wardrobe and its own sauna.  For a monthly rent of 1200€ you will get already installed central city heating, air conditioners and satellite, cable TV and Internet system.

For more prestigious and luxurious properties check our current property base 

How technologies and Internet influence real estate business?

As in every other sphere rise of technology and the Internet is changing real estate in many aspects too. Real estate agencies are aware that thankful to all present Internet technology customers are becoming more educated why they have to develop complete different approach to property buyers in the sale process.

Due to this trend customers are better informed and as that more demanding, especially when it comes to prices and sale and rent conditions. Social networks are becoming the most popular channel for these activities. There people can get here many useful information regarding the properties, they can express their impressions and opinions publicly and to even to publishtheir own buying or selling posts.

Property information is available all over the Web in different forms from YouTube videos,  blog posts, advertisements in different web pages and online property basis. All of mentioned have made changes even when it comes to the role of real estate agents in today real estate business.

Real estate agents are not any more someone who will give you the list with your potential estates, but more to advise you for certain buys and help you with property documentation. In the range of different online property information, you will definitely need someone to filter it out for yourself; however your dream house or office space you will better find alone as you have at the Internet all the insight to different property and certainly more time to devote the search then real estate agents have.

But, then you will take a risk of bad investment all alone. Although more educated and with better resources serious clients that want to make good property buywill still decide to get their own real estate representative. No matter of the rise of technology and Internet this is still the saftest and the smartest way if you want to cut the risks of different factors that might appear while choosing or buying your new property, such as loosing a lot of your time, paying extra costs and taking a risk to get into new buying adventure very soon due to very bad choice.

What to ask on the second and third viewing of the house?

If we have helped you to make the shortest list of your top favorite properties, now is the time to cut this list and to make the last choice. This time we come with the most common questions that you should ask when viewing your property for the second and third time before deciding which one to buy.

Most probably you will decide for the property that you wouldn’t have to invest a lot, and we suggest to check more the overall conditions of the building. Much about it you can see, but still there are few more things you should find out from previous owner or a rent agent.

Check and ask:

  • Is there any need for additional repairs?
  • How good are roof, isolation, electricity and other installation? Is there any need for changing them soon?
  • How far is the nearest junk yard and is there some of contaminants in the property?
  • In case that you plan to build something more in the yard or at the building check if the property poses the all construction permits and what is the maximum that you can throw out.

In order to be sure that you are paying the right price for a property go and check the other houses on sale in a neighborhood, however try to be realistic enough and before put on paper everything that you get with the price of your house.

With your agent check once more from when on is the house available. Before signing the agreement check again the status of the property and all previous ownership lists, so that you avoid any further complications with registering the property at your name.

Once you have finished with buying procedure we suggest stop looking any other property, as most probably you will come to some offer that may make you regret for not looking more. Even in this case
there is no need for regrets because you can always sell this house for another one. Don’t forget every house find its buyer!

What to ask when buying a house?

It is well known that the most of people are learning from their own mistakes, but when buying a house you should probably try to listen the advices from other people in order to escape this kind of experience that can cost a lot.

No matter you are buying your house on your own or you have engaged real estate agency, there is a list of questions that we advise you to ask before making the final choice and signing buying agreement. They will help you to make a right choice, but also to escape bigger costs with later renovation and repairs.

First of all wonder yourself:

  • What are your motives to buy a house?
  • Is this right time of buying it?
  • How big it should be?
  • Where would you like to live?
  • What are top 5 priorities for your new house in case that you have to choose among buildings that don’t satisfy all your criteria?
  • What is the biggest amount of money you are ready to pay for your new property?
  • And in what cases you will pay more?

Once you have these answers you are ready to go viewing potential properties. When you are there, we suggest finding out:

  • When the property was built?
  • Does it need some repairs and in what conditions are power line, sewerage system and water supply?
  • Why does the previous owner sell the property?
  • Ask more about the surrounding, where is the closest school/market/bus station?
  • Is somewhere near bigger green area?
  • How is the neighborhood? Is there a lot of noise and how high is the criminal rate?
  • Is there some development plan for future in the area you are viewing the property?
  • How high are running costs and other cost of living (gas, water, electricity etc.)?
  • Is it allowed to build something more around the property and on within it?
  • Does it have all other permissions?

At the end you should also find out the price and the availability date as this will influence probably the most at your final buying decision. We hope these questions will help you to make the right choice.

Good luck!

3 the most common mistakes when renting a property

Finding a right property for business or living is quite stressful work and can cost you a lot of money if you don’t have right approach. Except not having clear picture what is the type of property we exactly look, for there are 3 the most common mistakes that we make when renting a property.

  1. Short period for finding right property – No matter how early you start with search, there is always slight possibility of not having enough time to find the wanted property due to many factors. Real estate agents advice to start this process at least few months before you have planned to move in, and if you have some special requirements about the location and type of property, then even before. You should  ave enough time to check the current offer at property market, as well as to see new properties that are coming out every day. This will give you enough time to think patiently and decide for the best  ossible offer regarding the sum of money you have planned to pay for a monthly rent.
  2. Avoiding to get real estate agent – It is big mistake to think that you will pay less if searching for your new property by your own, instead of paying some money to professional agency with property agents  hat will do all renting job instead of you. To make your own property base and to check all of them will take you a lot of time and bring you a lot of stress, and even not to mention all the paper work, hecks of all permits and the conditions of the property. For the most of these things you will need help of an expert and at the end you will give him far more money than you should pay to a real estate agency for whole renting service.
  3. Unclear terms and costs – The third reason why you will be safer to get the help of real estate agent is that he will arrange all renting terms and explain to you what is included in monthly rent. This is especially important if you are searching for an office space as all additional costs could be very high and may surprise you when the first bill arrives. Don’t forget to negotiate with the owner or the tenant representative and clear out what the final price include, as well as how high are average costs for electricity, cleaning service of the building and all additional taxes.

5 things you should pay attention when renting an apartment

Even with the best renting agency, renting an apartment will be your responsibility that is why it demands a lot of patience and a lot of cautiousness. By getting the best real estate agency at the market you will save yourself a lot of troubles, but still there are at least 5 more things you should pay special attention when renting a property.

  1. Before you even start with looking for an apartment provide any kind of confirmation about your financial ability as this might be the first document your landlord will ask from you. Although he is pretty much secured with the rental agreement, due to bad renting experience not many of landlords will risk again.
  2. Make a background check of the owner and previous tenants in order not to be surprised by old bill for gas and electricity, or a damage that you will have to cover instead of your precursor.
  3. Pay special attention on rental agreement – Read carefully every line of the rental agreement so that you are familiar with all details concerning the payment practice, expenses included in rent, length of occupancy, apartment rules, and special demands of the owner if exist. Before you sign the agreement you can agree on everything, if there are some things that you cannot agree with. After the paper is signed out it will be definitely too late for any changes.
  4. If not planning to live alone in the apartment ask necessarily about the guest and pet policy. These are the most frequent reasons of early termination of a contract, if these things are not clear from the start. Although you can deal about these things verbally always put apartment rules inside of the contract so that you can protect yourself.
  5. Ask about termination requirements – Beside details on rental rate and deposit your agreement should contain special apartment rules as well as the termination requirements on the both sides. As this is not your apartment and you will eventually move out from there one day, put on paper when you should notify the owner of moving out, as well as, in what conditions you can terminate the contract and leave out of the apartment without any sanctions.

Why to buy or rent a villa before house?

When we think about villa, our first association must be big and expensive residence somewhere on the coast that we usually rent for a few days when trying to escape stressful environment that we work or live for the most of time during the year. We immediately think about wide windows, light rooms and big balconies, a lot of luxury that we cannot afford for more than few days.

And you are absolutely right, for a while villas used to be status symbol of a wealthier high-class, not so available to a middle class, except just for a few days when we want to enjoy in their luxury and comfort. But as the offer become richer, the prices became lower and villas nowadays are equally available even to a middle class.

Villas come from Roman time and in literature they are described as ’’dwelling quarters, consisting of several buildings, including recreation facilities and lodgings for the servants. They were used as a pleasure retreat, had formal gardens adorned with fountains and sculptures.”

Pretty much as original ones from Roman time, modern villas are usually fully equipped and self-sufficient, that is why beside luxury, most of the villas are more spacious, with more rooms, and separate parts within the same building. Outside they have specious green yards as well as wide pavements that lead from the gate entrance all the way to the entrance of the house.

Obsession with Roman time as well as the economic growth after the Second World War has leaded to a new trend of renting and buying these pleasure estates instead of regular houses. More and more villas
are built and more of them are sold, no matter the expenses of living that are usually higher than cost of living in more practical traditional houses.


With buying or renting villa in your town you will get more luxury for the same sum of money. Except the luxury they offer more space, and better comfort. Better conditions and better quality of life make
people decide to buy and rent villa before regular, more practical houses. However this is not the only reason for buying and renting villa before house or apartment.

Buying villa is not just good investment if you are planning to live there, but also a very good investment if you plan to sell or rent them later. Believe it or not, with small investments, in comparison with a regular old house, you will get to 10 times bigger price at the property market. If you add to this good location, a lot of green and a big yard in the center of some capital your old villa will be real treasure once you are tired of living in it.

Top business locations in Belgrade

Belgrade is becoming leading administrative center in south Eastern Europe why there is increased demand for office space for big international and domestic companies. In comparison with other neighborhood capitals Belgrade still offers the most concurrent prices that is why Belgrade is still the first option for their regional centers. So far Belgrade is regional center for Carlsberg, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, on tenth of different banks and the strongest international NGOs.

If you are coming to Belgrade from the same reasons, you should be familiar with the top business locations in Belgrade. We have made a choice of top 4 business locations for those who want to be close to the city center, but also to the one that prefer calm periphery.

City center – City center of Belgrade have always been prestigious part of Belgrade equally convenient for both entertainment as well as for doing serous business. So called ‘’Beogradjanka’’ building as well as ‘’Politika’’ were one of the most famous business places where many companies wanted to get the office. Nowadays, due to the lack of new business place many companies search for big and functional apartments to transform them in office space, so that they can stay in this part of the capital.

New Belgrade – Other bigger companies with more administration and employees choose New Belgrade for their new office space. In the last ten years New Belgrade becomes real business district with many
business complexes and more choice considering the typical requirements for your business. Many of banks and multinational companies have moved here, and it has become the most wanted business area.

In a comparison with city center it is even more expensive, however it really offers everything you might need your business run smoothly.

For those who prefer periphery more we suggest two more neighborhoods. First one is Dedinje, where are located the most of the embassies and middle size businesses, where you can rent the most luxurious villas in hole Belgrade for the most favorable prices and transform them into your prestigious business residencies. Although not that much famous, Senjak is the other neighborhood that is becoming even more popular among businessman, especially after the new Ada bridge has been build.

If you need some more help with choosing your new business place in Belgrade, Mentor Real Estate agents stay at your service.

Rent the best office space in Belgrade

With every year, more office space in offered in Belgrade, but there is a slight difference of the type of the space clients look for lately. Previous years the most of the clients rented office space in big business quarts, however more of them are renting bigger empty apartments for business purposes.

Still the most popular business location is New Belgrade, so the most of companies are moving out the city center to this part of the city due to the it’s wideness and enough parking space. When looking for the right business space all the clients have more or less the same demands and the accent is on the good connections with other part of the city, office disposition, enough parking space and good Internet connections.

Although in the last years there have been build more than 250 000 km2 of office space all around Belgrade, prices are still very high. Prices vary from 3 euros to 25 euros per m2, and even higher in elite business complexes such as Ušće, whereas for a monthly rent of 200 m2 office space you should single out up to 5500 euros.

Generally the most expensive is New Belgrade and small companies have very big problem to find proper office space for a decent prices. That is why Mentor Real Estate came out with the most favorable offers of the office space houses that are not far away from city center. In the quite neighborhoods and within spacious buildings, for the same amount of money you will find even bigger property and with better conditions for your employees.

For the most 10 euros per m2 you will get the most modern, empty and fully equipped office space, with your own parking space in the most luxurious parts of Belgrade.

Check out the best Mentor Real Estate office space offers.

10 reasons to call Mentor Real Estate agents

It is not always easy to find the most reliable and the most devoted real estate agents. Part these qualities you should insist on their efficiency and experience too, but these are not only qualities you should look for. The more qualities they have, the better service you will get.

For years now we have been carefully searching for the best qualified agents in property business and we are more than proud on a team that is able to guarantee you the best service and the best property offers all around Belgrade, no matter you are looking for a new apartment or the new office for your business.

If you have asked why you should choose Mentor Real Estate agents from thousands of others, we can single out at least 10 top reasons:

  1. Because our agents listen and respect all client’s needs.
  2. Because you can be sure that you will get the best property for the price you pay.
  3. Because our agents will devote to you 100%, until you find the property you were exactly looking for.
  4. Because they are available 24 hours, 7 days a week.
  5. Because you will get answers on your all questions.
  6. Because they take care about your budget.
  7. Because our property base is very carefully built, with the best quality properties.
  8. Because they will arrange and check all the property documentation.
  9. Because you can be sure all our properties are legally built and that they have all necessary permits.
  10. Because they will give you the best offer that you will be definitely satisfied.

Search the basis of our top properties chosen among hundreds of houses and apartments that are now in our property basis. We have the most luxuries properties in the most popular parts of Belgrade, and if you have some special wish about location and special characteristics of the property our agents will give their best to find it in the shortest period, even if such a building is not already in our basis.

How to find the best property for your business?

Finding a perfect property for your business is usually demanding task that can take you even few months.

As with every other property it is important to clear what exactly you need and how much money do you want to single out in this purpose. Regardless the budget there are few criteria that every business place has to satisfy and we are bringing some of them.

The first and most important thing is to find spacious and good structured business place that will fit the size of the business and the number of employees in your company. You should have a lot of light and a lot of space to place all the furniture and additional equipment.

Good, easy accessible location, near station for public transportation would be useful, equally for your employees as well as for future clients. Due to transportation your new office should have enough parking place for your employees and clients or you should look for a building that is near public parking.

It doesn’t have to be in the city center; however you shouldn’t look for the office place at the outermost suburbs of the town. Having office at the suburbs may cut your costs for a double but you need to have in mind that the most of your employees will come to job every day and even clients won’t be thrilled with this idea.

Good location includes food places nearby, bank or cashier, as well as some coffee shop and market. Pretty much the same as other properties your office building needs to be located in calm and safe place, because of your clients and employees. If getting the office in business quart than check what are the companies in the neighborhood, what services do they cover and how much noise they make during day.

Once you have found right property don’t forget to make all additional checking concerning the structure of building, permits, insurance and security, as once you move it will be too late and too expensive to deal with this.

In case that you don’t have so much time to search for office property, we suggest you to take professional help of one of our agents, as your decision will defiantly affect more people.

That’s why take enough time and look very carefully!

5 top places to live in Belgrade

Urban and fast-growing Belgrade is becoming one of the most attractive cities to live among all Europeans. Foreigners that come here particularly like its spirit and culture, and the one that are born in Belgrade simply cannot live without his streets, parks, coasts and strange combination of disorder and relaxing atmosphere. What are 5 top places to live in Belgrade?

And although every of 17 municipalities are special about something and have a lot of interesting to offer to their inhabitants, on the list of the top places for living in Belgrade the most of the people single out next five.

Stari grad – Everyone like to be in the center of happening. Sometimes it can be a devastating if having in mind big crowds and every day chaos in traffic. However, Stari grad has all of that but it is not irritating at all. Stari grad is your perfect combination of old and modern in one place, for the ones that enjoy in the old down town atmosphere but equally addicted to modern living habits. In your  neighborhood you can enjoy in medieval Kalemegdan, bohemian quart Skadarlija, as well as the best stores with the world’s famous brands and top restaurants, cafes and night clubs.

Novi Beograd is new, modern and urbanized part of the city that lies between Sava and Danube rivers surrounded with one of the most beautiful promenades for all of you that enjoy long walks or romantic moments on a bench next to the water. New Belgrade is fast growing part of a city, divided into blocks consisting mainly from high buildings, that has everything you need for calm family life, with wide choice of after job activates, as well as for the exciting Saturday evening out. Except for the biggest shopping malls, this part of Belgrade is very famous about many nightclubs housed on both rivers that still guarantee the best parties in a region.

Vračar is the second from three central Belgrade municipalizes is famous about narrow crossed streets and one of the biggest and the most beautiful temple at the Balkans – Saint Sava Temple. Here is located one of the most famous markets in Belgrade, Kalenić market, as well as, Flower square with plenty of beautiful buildings and old small houses.

Senjak and Dedinje are famous about its villas and luxury houses. Located on a few kilometers out of city center they became particularly popular among higher class and considered to be the wealthiest neighborhoods in Belgrade. For all of you that like to enjoy in peace, surrounded with greens these are perfect quarts to look a new property.

July 7, 2012 United States Department of State contact Mentor Real Estate

Embassy of the Republic of Iraq is our latest client!

Mentor Real Estate Agency has sold house on Dedinje to Embassy of the Republic of Iraq for their office space.