Our best friends are not always the best friends for our landlords and the owners of the apartments that you want to move, especially if they are not big fans of animals inside the apartment. You are probably right when you think that once you pay the apartment you are allowed to do inside of it whatever you feel like to, however owner wants to protect its own property from any kind of damage that might be caused by an animal.

Unfortunately no matter how trained and obedient your pets are, change of a living environment can provoke them to make a lot of unwanted damage. Having in mind number of families that own pets’ landlords should accept them together with tenants, otherwise they will surely close the door to for a many of potential renters who are ready to pay the monthly rent if they can keep their pet with them self. However if they don’t want them in apartment and you don’t have their permission you won’t be able to keep your pet in your new apartment.

Solution for both is to make clear how far they are ready to sacrifice for their own interests and to put in lease agreement under what conditions are pets allowed to stay in rented apartment.

Once the owner accept the animal in his new or renovated apartment it would be fair tenant pay all the damage caused by his pet. Due to these situations it is not surprise that owner would ask bigger security deposit to secure himself in the tenant is not ready to pay for it. In some of the countries these amount is even obligatory and better known as pet bonds.

However, sometimes this is not enough. Just for any case give pet resume, letter from the vet, references from a previous neighborhood and landlords. In order to persuade your landlord to accept your pet stress out if planning to stay in the apartment for a longer term and even offer higher security deposit even before the landlord had the opportunity to ask from you.