Great number of people are moving to big cities because of job and studies at least once in their life, however very often are still not satisfied with all the stuff that are following a life in big cities. Most of them are usually not satisfied with speedy life, distances they have to make every day, big crowds and traffic, as well as higher cost of living, but life in big cities offer many advantages and here are 5 top advantages of living in Belgrade.

More people – More opportunities – More people open more opportunities for your personal development, for a carrier and changes in your life. This brings people from big cities completely different experience, as well as more people from different interests, cultures and background.

Better quality of services – Bigger competence and more companies are guaranteed for wider choice when deciding for some of your partners in different business as well as better service. Far before than in smaller towns, you will be able to try innovations in different sectors and even to bring these innovations in less developed environments.

Faster administration – When you are far away from big cities you have to visit them occasionally for getting different kind of permits and documents needed for your business, medical treatments and other bureaucracy requests.

Attendance to many other attractions – The most important cultural and historic buildings are usually in capitals and bigger cities, and living here the most important national attractions will be just at your hand.

More quality spare time – The biggest cultural and sport events are organized mainly in the biggest cities in the county. Here you can find something for everyone no matter you are in love with music, sport, theater, comedy or clubbing.  One is sure you won’t be never bored with that many activities.