Perfect office space should fit perfectly both to your business partners and clients as well as the workers. Having in mind that the workers spend far more time than all other clients, than it seems they should have priority when analyzing what are the conditions your perfect office space has to satisfy.

We bring you 5 main questions to take in consideration when choosing the perfect space for your business:

  1. How many employees do you have? – Depending number of employees and different sectors you will have to think how big will be enough the place you are renting for your business. Different kind of business dictates different form of layout inside the building.
  2. Will the layout work for your business?   If the open space doesn’t work for your business than you should definitely look for a place that has already separated offices to escape any other investment with adapting the space for your own purpose.
  3. How important is location for your business? – Although location is very important when choosing your officespace, think twice what are alternatives and where you can move your office and still to be very easy reachable for your workers and clients. Often the most attractive locations are quite crowded with people and vehicles that is not bad for making new business contacts, however can be molesting for getting to work and finding parking place for your workers and visitors.
  4. Do you have enough storage places and parking place? – Both of these can be quite big problem for all of those who are dealing with any kind of supply services or distribution of different products as these sectors as you will need to provide better attendance to the entrance and enough places to keep all the products from your product line.
  5. How big budget do you have for renting new office space? – All previous things will influence dominantly at thefinal rent of your perfect office space, however far before you have decided to start looking for it, you are supposed to calculate how much you will be able to single for your new office place.

It would be the best to have all of these for decent price; however it is not always easy to get it. But to get it you should already start searching for it, and you will have more time and more chance to find it. In order not to waste your time we suggest visiting our latest offer of office space in Zemun that fits almost all mention criteria.

How do you like it?