When we think about villa, our first association must be big and expensive residence somewhere on the coast that we usually rent for a few days when trying to escape stressful environment that we work or live for the most of time during the year. We immediately think about wide windows, light rooms and big balconies, a lot of luxury that we cannot afford for more than few days.

And you are absolutely right, for a while villas used to be status symbol of a wealthier high-class, not so available to a middle class, except just for a few days when we want to enjoy in their luxury and comfort. But as the offer become richer, the prices became lower and villas nowadays are equally available even to a middle class.

Villas come from Roman time and in literature they are described as ’’dwelling quarters, consisting of several buildings, including recreation facilities and lodgings for the servants. They were used as a pleasure retreat, had formal gardens adorned with fountains and sculptures.”

Pretty much as original ones from Roman time, modern villas are usually fully equipped and self-sufficient, that is why beside luxury, most of the villas are more spacious, with more rooms, and separate parts within the same building. Outside they have specious green yards as well as wide pavements that lead from the gate entrance all the way to the entrance of the house.

Obsession with Roman time as well as the economic growth after the Second World War has leaded to a new trend of renting and buying these pleasure estates instead of regular houses. More and more villas
are built and more of them are sold, no matter the expenses of living that are usually higher than cost of living in more practical traditional houses.


With buying or renting villa in your town you will get more luxury for the same sum of money. Except the luxury they offer more space, and better comfort. Better conditions and better quality of life make
people decide to buy and rent villa before regular, more practical houses. However this is not the only reason for buying and renting villa before house or apartment.

Buying villa is not just good investment if you are planning to live there, but also a very good investment if you plan to sell or rent them later. Believe it or not, with small investments, in comparison with a regular old house, you will get to 10 times bigger price at the property market. If you add to this good location, a lot of green and a big yard in the center of some capital your old villa will be real treasure once you are tired of living in it.