In real estate industry tenants and real-estate agents have their own secrets for getting the most for themselves when closing the property business, however both of them advice the same everyone that are entering the property business. No matter if you are looking for your own apartment or you are renting one to someone you should follow top three golden rules.

Less is more – Pretty much as in everyday life less is more even in a property business. Here we mean to less furniture and less decorations if you want to rent your apartment sooner and for the better price.  Modern furniture with a lot of details can be a good trigger for someone to pay a bigger sum of money, however an average apartment with universal furniture and not overload with stuff is more likely to suit more people, so the chance to rent it are far more bigger.

Smaller apartment is better investment – While the demand for bigger and spacious properties is rising just in time without crises, smaller apartments are always actual. This kind of properties are interesting for both, those who are renting and buying them,  as you can always count on great number of renters who are able to pay the price for them , so the return for these apartments is assured no matter the overall economic situation or periodic crisis. The only question is the price that you get, usually based on a current demand and offer at the local property market.

Keep yourself out of troubles with lease agreement – Lease agreement is a must if you want to protect yourself of any kind of problem regarding the payment and all additional expenditures. After you have signed it you will probably have to pay some tax to the state, however with it  both sides are well protected if some problem appears and one of the sides doesn’t want to solve it outside litigation.