You are thinking to change your living place, however you are not so brave to start searching the right replacement. Without good real estate partner this search can be very long and stressful, so read  a few useful advises how to find good agency that will help you to find you dream house,  as soon as possible.

Despite experience in property business and good reference list that are key factors for the reputation of your real estate agency,  there are at least three more things you should ask for when making contact with them.  These three factors will help you choose real estate agency that will give you highly professional and the most satisfying service.

At first place real estate agency should have a good property basis,  so you can actually have wide choice of different houses and buildings. It won’t just be easier to choose the right place for you if having  a good choice, this will also help you estimate the real price by comparing the look, the structure, the construction and location of these properties.

You should also look for the agency that has a lot of work, to look for the agents that are busy,  as this says a lot about their engagement and quality. Don’t be afraid,  they will find enough time to devote to you as much as to the other clients,  but wanted agents are usually the most capable and highly experienced, so they will have the solution for your every demand.

And the last, look for the real estate agency that have closed many of properties. Good offer and big demand says much about  their sale/rent realisation.  If you have opportunity,  choose top three real estate agencies that have best percentage of closed property lately and don’t forget to ask them for terms and condition too, as this can be the most important reason why their realisation is so good or surprisingly bad.