Offer at real estate market has never been richer and with the expansion of the Internet and other new technologies property bases have become available to every single Internet user. However, still finding a right property to rent is pretty stressful job and to make it easier we bring few simple advises.

Decide where you would like to live – If you are not sure where exactly you would like to live this can bring you a plenty of problems. The first one is too big offer. In order to narrow the choice of properties we advise to decide the place where you would like to live and when making this decision have in mind how far is it from work, what are transportation connections that are offered but also what is the structure of your neighborhood.

Rethink how much space it will be enough for you and your family.  Space and location will influence the price range you will need to pay, however you should be also aware how much money you will be able to single out for a monthly rent.

Just after you have answers to these questions you are ready to go to a next step and this is to call real estate agent.

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Real estate agent will make a short list of the properties toward your top criteria that we already have mentioned. You will take a look of photos but we recommend visiting these properties that you like the most and ask your real estate agent everything you are interested in with this property.

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If you have made top 3 of your favorite properties, we suggest taking a look them once more so you can be sure when making the last renting decision.

Once you have made your last decision there is just one more step before moving into it. This is signing the agreement. This is the most important part that protects your rights and responsibilities as new tenant of the house. In here you should be precise with the monthly rent, the date when you should pay it, as well as the mean of payment.

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