With every year, more office space in offered in Belgrade, but there is a slight difference of the type of the space clients look for lately. Previous years the most of the clients rented office space in big business quarts, however more of them are renting bigger empty apartments for business purposes.

Still the most popular business location is New Belgrade, so the most of companies are moving out the city center to this part of the city due to the it’s wideness and enough parking space. When looking for the right business space all the clients have more or less the same demands and the accent is on the good connections with other part of the city, office disposition, enough parking space and good Internet connections.

Although in the last years there have been build more than 250 000 km2 of office space all around Belgrade, prices are still very high. Prices vary from 3 euros to 25 euros per m2, and even higher in elite business complexes such as Ušće, whereas for a monthly rent of 200 m2 office space you should single out up to 5500 euros.

Generally the most expensive is New Belgrade and small companies have very big problem to find proper office space for a decent prices. That is why Mentor Real Estate came out with the most favorable offers of the office space houses that are not far away from city center. In the quite neighborhoods and within spacious buildings, for the same amount of money you will find even bigger property and with better conditions for your employees.

For the most 10 euros per m2 you will get the most modern, empty and fully equipped office space, with your own parking space in the most luxurious parts of Belgrade.

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