Belgrade is becoming leading administrative center in south Eastern Europe why there is increased demand for office space for big international and domestic companies. In comparison with other neighborhood capitals Belgrade still offers the most concurrent prices that is why Belgrade is still the first option for their regional centers. So far Belgrade is regional center for Carlsberg, Microsoft, Kraft Foods, on tenth of different banks and the strongest international NGOs.

If you are coming to Belgrade from the same reasons, you should be familiar with the top business locations in Belgrade. We have made a choice of top 4 business locations for those who want to be close to the city center, but also to the one that prefer calm periphery.

City center – City center of Belgrade have always been prestigious part of Belgrade equally convenient for both entertainment as well as for doing serous business. So called ‘’Beogradjanka’’ building as well as ‘’Politika’’ were one of the most famous business places where many companies wanted to get the office. Nowadays, due to the lack of new business place many companies search for big and functional apartments to transform them in office space, so that they can stay in this part of the capital.

New Belgrade – Other bigger companies with more administration and employees choose New Belgrade for their new office space. In the last ten years New Belgrade becomes real business district with many
business complexes and more choice considering the typical requirements for your business. Many of banks and multinational companies have moved here, and it has become the most wanted business area.

In a comparison with city center it is even more expensive, however it really offers everything you might need your business run smoothly.

For those who prefer periphery more we suggest two more neighborhoods. First one is Dedinje, where are located the most of the embassies and middle size businesses, where you can rent the most luxurious villas in hole Belgrade for the most favorable prices and transform them into your prestigious business residencies. Although not that much famous, Senjak is the other neighborhood that is becoming even more popular among businessman, especially after the new Ada bridge has been build.

If you need some more help with choosing your new business place in Belgrade, Mentor Real Estate agents stay at your service.