Finding a right property for business or living is quite stressful work and can cost you a lot of money if you don’t have right approach. Except not having clear picture what is the type of property we exactly look, for there are 3 the most common mistakes that we make when renting a property.

  1. Short period for finding right property – No matter how early you start with search, there is always slight possibility of not having enough time to find the wanted property due to many factors. Real estate agents advice to start this process at least few months before you have planned to move in, and if you have some special requirements about the location and type of property, then even before. You should  ave enough time to check the current offer at property market, as well as to see new properties that are coming out every day. This will give you enough time to think patiently and decide for the best  ossible offer regarding the sum of money you have planned to pay for a monthly rent.
  2. Avoiding to get real estate agent – It is big mistake to think that you will pay less if searching for your new property by your own, instead of paying some money to professional agency with property agents  hat will do all renting job instead of you. To make your own property base and to check all of them will take you a lot of time and bring you a lot of stress, and even not to mention all the paper work, hecks of all permits and the conditions of the property. For the most of these things you will need help of an expert and at the end you will give him far more money than you should pay to a real estate agency for whole renting service.
  3. Unclear terms and costs – The third reason why you will be safer to get the help of real estate agent is that he will arrange all renting terms and explain to you what is included in monthly rent. This is especially important if you are searching for an office space as all additional costs could be very high and may surprise you when the first bill arrives. Don’t forget to negotiate with the owner or the tenant representative and clear out what the final price include, as well as how high are average costs for electricity, cleaning service of the building and all additional taxes.