Even with the best renting agency, renting an apartment will be your responsibility that is why it demands a lot of patience and a lot of cautiousness. By getting the best real estate agency at the market you will save yourself a lot of troubles, but still there are at least 5 more things you should pay special attention when renting a property.

  1. Before you even start with looking for an apartment provide any kind of confirmation about your financial ability as this might be the first document your landlord will ask from you. Although he is pretty much secured with the rental agreement, due to bad renting experience not many of landlords will risk again.
  2. Make a background check of the owner and previous tenants in order not to be surprised by old bill for gas and electricity, or a damage that you will have to cover instead of your precursor.
  3. Pay special attention on rental agreement – Read carefully every line of the rental agreement so that you are familiar with all details concerning the payment practice, expenses included in rent, length of occupancy, apartment rules, and special demands of the owner if exist. Before you sign the agreement you can agree on everything, if there are some things that you cannot agree with. After the paper is signed out it will be definitely too late for any changes.
  4. If not planning to live alone in the apartment ask necessarily about the guest and pet policy. These are the most frequent reasons of early termination of a contract, if these things are not clear from the start. Although you can deal about these things verbally always put apartment rules inside of the contract so that you can protect yourself.
  5. Ask about termination requirements – Beside details on rental rate and deposit your agreement should contain special apartment rules as well as the termination requirements on the both sides. As this is not your apartment and you will eventually move out from there one day, put on paper when you should notify the owner of moving out, as well as, in what conditions you can terminate the contract and leave out of the apartment without any sanctions.