It is well known that the most of people are learning from their own mistakes, but when buying a house you should probably try to listen the advices from other people in order to escape this kind of experience that can cost a lot.

No matter you are buying your house on your own or you have engaged real estate agency, there is a list of questions that we advise you to ask before making the final choice and signing buying agreement. They will help you to make a right choice, but also to escape bigger costs with later renovation and repairs.

First of all wonder yourself:

  • What are your motives to buy a house?
  • Is this right time of buying it?
  • How big it should be?
  • Where would you like to live?
  • What are top 5 priorities for your new house in case that you have to choose among buildings that don’t satisfy all your criteria?
  • What is the biggest amount of money you are ready to pay for your new property?
  • And in what cases you will pay more?

Once you have these answers you are ready to go viewing potential properties. When you are there, we suggest finding out:

  • When the property was built?
  • Does it need some repairs and in what conditions are power line, sewerage system and water supply?
  • Why does the previous owner sell the property?
  • Ask more about the surrounding, where is the closest school/market/bus station?
  • Is somewhere near bigger green area?
  • How is the neighborhood? Is there a lot of noise and how high is the criminal rate?
  • Is there some development plan for future in the area you are viewing the property?
  • How high are running costs and other cost of living (gas, water, electricity etc.)?
  • Is it allowed to build something more around the property and on within it?
  • Does it have all other permissions?

At the end you should also find out the price and the availability date as this will influence probably the most at your final buying decision. We hope these questions will help you to make the right choice.

Good luck!